Amazing Facts of Vaping which You Should Know 

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Vaping has been rising in fame for the past few years. We all have heard the words electronic cigarettes and e-liquids and vape NZ. The point is that there are many facts about vaping which we are completely unaware of. This is one of the reasons why we consider vaping worse than smoking, simply because we do not hold enough information about the working of vaping and this rubs us in the wrong way.

Not having proper knowledge of what something is, makes us scared of that thing and we feel offhanded about it and try to avoid getting complete knowledge of it. In this article, we will discuss some facts about vaping which you probably weren’t aware of.

Facts about Vaping and E-Liquid:

Ø  Many people associate a disease called “popcorn lungs” with vaping. Studies have shown that there are no chemicals in the e-liquid of vape that can cause or become root for this disease. That means this was an entire faux created by media.

Ø  Diacetyl, which is an organic compound that naturally forms in alcohol, is said to be present in the e-liquids in mass quantity. This fact is also wrong as some companies do use the compound but only about 9 micrograms per cartridge and many producers do not use this compound at all. On the other hand, the amount of diacetyl that is found in a single stick of cigarette is over 300 – 450 micrograms. This fact is also hidden from many people. This means that to reach the level of diacetyl in a single cigarette stick, one needs to vape at least 30 cartridges, and even then, the minimum amount is reached.

Ø  Vaping, unlike the ever-famous rumors, includes only 4 main and 1 optional ingredient:

  • Propylene Glycol.
  • Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Organic or Artificial food flavorings.
  • Diluted water. 
  • Nicotine (optional).

These are the only ingredients that are used in vaping and unlike a traditional cigarette that comes with permanent tobacco levels, the levels of nicotine in vape can be controlled very easily. Not to mention that all these ingredients mentioned above are FDA approved.

Ø  A traditional cigarette contains over 6000 different chemicals, which are least to say all toxins and provide nothing but harm to the lungs, our body, heart, and the blood vessels and breathing pipe.

Ø  In vaping, a user does not inhale smoke or tar but rather a vaporized food additive which gives nothing but good taste to us, while if we are to compare things to the cigarette in which the user inhales the smoke and the tar from the cigarette which causes our blood vessel to clog.

All in all, vaping is not as harmful as people make it out to be, just for the sake of it being an unknown area in which anyone is scared to take a step. FDA has approved that vaping can diminish or help a person completely quit their habit of smoking. We hope, through this article; you will understand that vaping is not as bad as smoking and cigarette bring nothing but harm to our mental and physical health.