Make Your Next Home Improvement Project an Exercise in Physical Fitness

At some time or another, we find ourselves doing significant home improvements.  Some are to keep or improve our desired living comfort and lifestyle.  Others are required to help keep the home operating efficiently and effectively.  Such improvements represent a golden opportunity to make our homes more energy efficient and environmentally attractive.  And doing so can be a rewarding activity when you furnish it with items obtained using a Groupon to buy from Design Within Reach (

In one notable case, the home interior was completely redone.  This required removing existing paneling and wallpaper, flooring and ceiling decorations.  Although much of this work could have been done by professionals, the homeowner opted to do it himself.  And he employed a novel approach to the job.  He identified the specific characteristics he wanted each room to have, then set out doing any major work required to reshape or install new fittings and materials.  He also installed new wood floors, put up new, insulation and wall paneling, and hung new light fixtures from his ceilings.  Each of these projects included improvements designed to promote better physical fitness.

His new interior was also designed to minimize unnecessary energy consumption.  He installed low-intensity lights which were powered by a solar generator installed on his garage roof.  Power from the solar generator also ran his heat and air conditioning and operated the appliances.  He designed his water system so wastewater was recycled to feed plants and toilets to save drinking water.

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