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Fitness and Health: Body Weight Exercises Body weight exercises help improve balance, strength and flexibility without the aid of a machine or any external equipment. The use of body resistance alone help strengthen the shoulders, chest and abs. The right fitness program made just for you will surely strengthen your body and gives you agility. In a fitness program, skillful movements are taught in order to bring out the power, strength and endurance within you. We can absolutely help you get the best fitness regimen suited just for you, such as choosing the best body weight exercises for your own built and stature. We have designed our entire curriculum online to teach fitness better providing a level of support and service that are unparalleled and unmatched. Through our fitness collaboration and love of learning, we continuously build trust and partnerships with our clients. We continue to innovate our training methods in such a way that it encompass and adapt well to changing lifestyle and physical needs especially in this modern era. Dedication is an important determinant whether you will hit your fitness goals or not. We will help you get the best fitness program for you, as we give exact progressions daily in order for you to build the capabilities of your choice. We do provide clear video instructional materials for your convenience and accessibility. The preliminary step of our fitness training program are knowing your elements with the use of locomotive exercises which target mobility works building strength, motor control and flexibility. The core animal movement patterns in elements found in most dances include monkey, bear and frog movements. The bear position allows you to build your strength and stability through your arms and shoulders as well as the hamstrings and upper torso are stretched. Cartwheels and tumbling skills are enhanced with monkey deep lateral movements opening the hips through squat repetitions building your balance and control. Your trunk will get stronger and hips are lifted higher using handstand in the frog style movements. You’ll only need two sessions for elements which make it cost-efficient than working out. Once you start our elements, you get to enjoy lifetime access to our materials and your membership guarantees material automatic updates.
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We will help you develop your attributes through flexibility exercises such as range of motion exercises, movement exploration exercises for greater motor control, and body weight exercises for increased integral strength. The last step of our fitness program focuses on the development of your higher-level skills and strength through the use of single apparatus such as parallettes and gymnastic rings.
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Gaining health and fitness is never impossible as long as you are willing to learn and be consistent with your training regimen.