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The Top Advantages of a Gluten-free Diet

Gluten is composed of a mixture of proteins found in many grain products such as barley, rye, oat and wheat. Gluten glues the food together maintaining its consistency and shape. Gluten is also rich in protein, low in fat and also has high amount of iron. Because it is high in protein and low in fat, it serves as a substitute to meat products for those patients whom meat is contraindicated.

However, it is a common problem in which the human body is hypersensitive to gluten. The body of such person is found to develop intolerance to gluten. The most commonly known problem associated with intolerance to gluten is the Celiac disease. There is hypersensitivity to gluten in small intestine specifically that makes the digestion abnormal in celiac disease. Aside from that, celiac disease is an autoimmune disease such that it can lead to further intestinal damage. Diarrhea, or the opposite which is constipation, fatty stools, abdominal bloating, and even losing weight in an unhealthy manner are some of the effects of the celiac disease in the body. Because the body do not absorb nutrients properly, there is weight reduction in patients with celiac disease. The Gluten-free diet is then used as a management. A Gluten-free diet is beneficial for patients who are intolerant to gluten because this sustains their lives. Gluten is taken away in a Gluten-free diet to be able to avoid any adverse reaction on the body of the patient to it. A Gluten-free diet particularly omits barley, rye, oat and wheat products. Here are some general benefits of Gluten-free diet even for patients other than those who have celiac disease.

The signs and symptoms of those people who are gluten-intolerant are reduced with a Gluten-free diet. A better life is achieved by then with such diet.

Another benefit of a Gluten-free diet is a healthy way of losing weight. This is different from the weight loss caused by gluten hypersensitivity which is mainly because there was decreased absorption of nutrients.

The prevention of an increase in cholesterol levels in the body makes the weight loss caused by a Gluten-free diet healthy.

When followed together with casein-free diet, a Gluten-free diet reduces clinical manifestations of people who have autism according to research studies.

Gluten-free diet, however also has its side effects. One of the most common is constipation because many of the foods in the diet have little amount of fiber. Since there is low fiber in such diet, it would be of less help in the digestion of the body. A fiber may be added to the diet to avoid constipation.