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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Parenting

Guide to Parenting

A parent is a father or a mother who gives birth to a child and brings him/her up. Parent also stands for the source of something. Parenting, on the other hand, is the process of promoting the good emotional, physical, intellectual and social development of a child since he/she was born until he/she reaches the age of 18 years. Not all parents carry out the parenting role. Children who lack parents live with their guardians who are responsible for their upbringing. Good parents promote good discipline, encourage, educate and motivate their children. There are many ways of child upbringing. Consider the following things in case you want your child to have good discipline.

As a parent, show love to your child. A show of love and affection to a child is called love. In order to show love and affection to a child, a parent should spend time with the child, play together, have meals together, make visits together and show some love signs to the child. Showing of love to a child result to the production of prolactin and oxytocin which are feel-good hormones. This prolactin and oxytocin result in a healthy relationship between the child and the parents and a quality sense of calm.

A good parent should practice positive parenting. Positive parenting is the act of telling the child only the positive experiences. Offering positive experiences to a child will enable them to also experience positive experiences which they will also offer to the next generation. In order to promote good child development, a parent or a guardian is supposed to play, laugh, go out and indulge in important activities with the child.

Good parents are able to communicate with their children. A parent should have the ability to listen and serve the demands of the child. A child should be open to his/her parents so that he/she will communicate every issue disturbing him/her without the fear of being punished. Good integration also promotes coordination of different organs which helps in maintaining a healthy body.

A good parent should be a good role model. Telling your child to stop certain behaviors and you as a parent you still have these behaviors is inappropriate. A parent should set a good example for the child. A good parent should explain to a child on how important activities are carried out. A parent should be disciplined and have a positive attitude and his/her child will still copy this.

A good parent should establish good rules. All places have rules and regulations which govern how things are done. A parent should also have his/her own set of rules to be followed by the children. The child should do the right thing, at the right place and at the right time.

These are the main features of good parents.

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