Satisfying Wife On Bed, Must Try

Activities on the bed may be ingrained with easy or old couples, this activity on the bed often they do regularly, either once a week, twice or more often than that. But in the activity of sex there must be a problem, and the problem most often happens is that men can not satisfy his wife on the bed, this incident is often found in young couples who do not have much experience in the sexual world. If you want to make your wife happy, you better visit Hammer of Thor website.

Therefore you are lucky to be in this place, because we will give you a tips or how to satisfy the wife on the right bed and certainly proven powerful. Seeing continue this article to graduate, because otherwise you will not know clearly how or how to satisfy your wife in bed.

The most important thing you know in satisfying the wife on the bed is you have to know what style of love is hated and liked by the women, this one thing is very important you pay attention, because besides can satisfy your wife in bed, Liked and hated the woman your family harmony in the matter of sex will increase. And below is a lovemaking style that women hate:

Doggy Style

This man’s lovemaking position is very much hated by the ladies, the problem is the penetration of an overly vital male tool that makes the male vital device come into contact with the cervix and it makes women feel sick.

Women On Top

The position where the woman is above the man is a position to make a very fast sex makes a woman reach orgasm, but in lovemaking is not the orgasm is the thing most women want, women are more looking for a warmer connection on the couple.


The reason women hate this one sex position because for him the position of this love is less challenging and seems lazy and saturated for the man

Those are some styles of love that are very unpopular and hated by women, so if you want to satisfy your wife on the bed, do the style of lovemaking preferred or liked by women when you have sex with your partner. So when your spouse / partner happy, automatically he will be satisfied.

The Best Time To Make Love

Sexual intercourse is not a matter of bad trivial that need not be considered. Especially when the purpose of copulation is to satisfy your wife. Therefore, you must manage your sexual relations with a neat, orderly, continuous, romantic and disciplined. One of them is by arranging the best time of romance or copulation with your wife in bed.

How to Satisfy Wife

Qualified sexual relations, not merely personal pleasure delivered. But you and your wife must have the same pleasure. If only you who experience the pleasure, then your sexual relationship is still not qualified. High-quality sexual relations other than you feel pleasure, but you must also be able to satisfy your wife.

The question is how to satisfy the wife on the bed? Well to answer the question below we will list complete satisfactory wife techniques, namely:

    Saying a lot of Praise to the wife when ML

    No hurry

    Give Your Flattery When you have an orgasm

    Do not Use monotonous lovemaking style

    Do not rush to orgasm

    Always warm up before penetration

    Create an atmosphere of making love comfortable and relax

    Do not leave your wife when you’re done making love

If you want to satisfy your wife in a sexual relationship on the bed, tips above tips are more than enough for you to use easily.