Injury When You’re Traveling

Behind the excitement of traveling, in fact, there are many risks of injury that could happen, even to the risk of death. Reportedly, 80 percent of deaths when traveling occur in the middle-countries and below. Most cases affect teenagers and people of childbearing age. For that, it is advisable for you to know what the risks of injury that you can experience during travel, how to cope and the most important is the way of prevention.

Muscle injury

When traveling, muscle injuries are usually caused by the sudden heavy lifting of heavy objects. For example when in a hurry lift carrier bag or suitcase. Muscle injury can be characterized by pain, bruising or muscle can not be moved. If a muscle injury occurs, do first aid by sticking ice to a sore muscle. Remember, run ice with a towel, do not jump straight on the skin. May use special balm. For example, the pain is the legs, hang for a few minutes (lying on the back and put your feet on the pillow) and for a while, you should not walk. If your muscle injury can not heal when traveling you can do therapy in physical therapy NYC.

Wild Animal attacks

Animal attacks can happen anywhere, whether you travel in the wild, on the streets (cats or wild dogs, rats), the zoo or when it comes to farms. Attack yag obtained generally in the form of scratches or bites. It’s good, to prevent contracting dangerous diseases, you do the vaccine first, such as rabies vaccine. Of course, you are obliged to follow the instructions that exist about the safety of being around these animals.


The most common examples are sunburn, such as for too long sunbathing on the beach or when camping on a mountain. To prevent sunburn, you can use sunscreen or covered clothes if camped in the mountains. If you experience this, flush your body for a few seconds with cool water. May use a little ice in the water but do not stick the ice directly to the skin. While the skin is still moist, apply a moisturizer. May take painkillers to reduce inflammation. Drink plenty.

Other burning cases are those caused by fire, for example when cooking in camp or fires. For first aid, cope with watering the burned body with cool water. When it comes to fingers, take off your jewelry. Cured with moisturizer or olive oil. If blister, do not solve it. If fire about your clothes, get down and roll over.