Ways To Relax Your Body and Mind To Reduce Stress

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Life is stressful. However, reducing stress in our lives doesn’t always seem possible.  While you may not have control over some things causing you stress, there are ways to reduce the impact this stress has on your mind and body.   Here are a few tips to relax your body and mind to reduce stress naturally.


A mind and body activity, yoga combines movement with focused breathing.  This relaxes both the mind and body.  Yoga offers many other benefits too, such as increased flexibility and strength.  There are many types of yoga. Each type of yoga will offer benefits to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Try a few to find the one that works best for you.  Get started by searching for yoga classes Gresham OR.


This simple activity has many benefits.  Going outside for an easy stroll for as little as 10 minutes can improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension, relaxing your body.  If you can, walk somewhere with greenery.  Green spaces reduce your blood pressure and heart rate.  Reductions in these vital signs naturally calm your body and reduce stress.  It’s also a great idea to leave your phone at home when you head out for a walk.  Taking the time to disconnect for just a few moments will calm your mind.  Then you can head back to work refreshed once your walk is complete. 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

While it may seem counterintuitive, increasing tension in your muscles can lead to a more relaxed body.  This technique is particularly helpful at bedtime to help the body and mind relax and prepare for sleep. Progressive muscle relaxation reduces anxiety as well. Each muscle is only tensed briefly before consciously relaxing which can release problem areas. 

These techniques are easy enough to get started with today. You’ll enjoy feeling more relaxed and in control, even if you can’t eliminate stress in your life.