Knowing the Different MRI Scans

If your doctor recommends that you get an MRI scan, you may immediately assume the worst. Many people who are required to get MRIs usually think that there is something serious wrong with their brains, but this isn’t always the case. There are a lot of different reasons that patients are sent to a clinic that performs MRIs.

Patients are usually referred to these clinics by their doctors, but if you think you may need an MRI, you can always request a referral by your doctor. Once you know what kinds of things you can get an MRI for, you will be more open to the idea of getting this non-invasive procedure performed.

Bones and Joints

Do you suffer from arthritis or severe joint pain? There are MRI scans available for these problems, especially when the disease can be caused by something more severe, such as a bone tumor or cartilage problem. An MRI is a much more accurate way to look at the bones and joints and see where the problem is rooted.

Chest MRIs

Almost every primary care physician is going to recommend that you head to an MRI clinic if you are experiencing any sort of chest pains. Because the chest holds so many important organs, from your lungs to your heart, it’s important that you get a clear image of what is going on, which is something an MRI can find. These scans can review any problems in your chest, from tumors to cancers to problems in the lymph system.

Blood Vessels

To review the blood vessels and system in the body, MRI machines are used in a method called magnetic resonance angiography. Since you have blood vessels in almost every part of your body, including your brain, neck, pelvis and chest, this particular scan is great for getting answers to any problems you may currently have or face in the future. Often times, doctors use this method to identify health problems like aneurysms, check your body for arterial diseases, look for diseases in the kidneys and much more.

You shouldn’t assume the worst if your doctor recommends you get an MRI. Getting an open MRI in Jersey only means that you are one step closer to receiving answers for any health problems that may still be bothering you or you can’t find a solution for. Be sure to listen to your doctor and follow their recommendations as closely as possible.