Five Ways to Feel and Look Good After Giving Birth

Whether you have just given birth to your first child, or simply the most recent of many, you might feel the need for a boost of confidence. After all, the changes your body goes through and the endless demands of a newborn will definitely leave you feeling and looking a little neglected. This is why it is so important to find some time to pamper yourself and give your body that much-needed attention. With a little effort, you will look and feel confident, gorgeous, and youthful again. Here are a few ways you can achieve this.

Get a Makeover

There is nothing like a good Scottsdale mommy makeover to make you feel pampered and pretty again. Your body has been through all kinds of stretching, shifting, and changing, both inside and out. This is why a good makeover can help. Some of the changes that your body goes through will settle themselves with time, but others are essentially irreversible. That’s where a minor surgery or two can make all the difference.

Develop an Exercise Routine

Believe it or not, you can get in some daily exercise. You’ll have to wait at least a few weeks after birth to heal up first, but then you can start easing into a routine. You don’t have to wait till baby is asleep to find time to exercise either. There are plenty of exercises and even yoga poses that you can do with your little one in your arms. Put the baby in a stroller and take a walk down the street once or twice a day too. Remember to stay hydrated!


Now, you should not be looking to cut down on calories. You need to be in perfect health for as long as you are going to be breastfeeding your child. However, a nutritionist can help you with this – he or she can give you a tailored diet to follow. This will give you all the nutrition you and your baby need, but will also help to fight off that excess baby weight from the pregnancy.

Go Shopping

Yes, you read right. A change of wardrobe may just be all you need to feel good and look even better. That is, after all, why it is called “retail therapy”! While you might feel like doing your shopping online, it might actually do you some good to go out and get some air by shopping in person. Organize for a friend or family member to take over baby duties for a few hours. Then, you can go and pick up some new outfits to flatter your post-pregnancy body. There is nothing quite like a new outfit to make you feel like a new woman!

Spa Day

You can ask a friend or family member to take over baby duties just long enough for you to get a facial and perhaps a massage. There are plenty of treatments designed especially for the post-pregnancy body. This is more helpful than you might think. It doesn’t just make you feel physically relaxed, it actually releases the chemicals and hormones that help with healing the body and feeling good. That’s why you always end up with a healthy, radiant glow.

Try one or two of these methods to start looking and feeling good in almost no time. You might be surprised to see how effective they really are, especially in combination.