Characteristic Healthy Features You Need To Have

Fresh and fit

Someone who diligently exercise even if only twice a week but done regularly then his body will always look fresh and Healthy. Exercise is balanced with diligent consume at least 8 liters of water per day then the body will always awake fitness are busy because of the daily routine.

It does not get sick easily

Characteristic physical trait that is easily visible from the outside is someone who looks fit and rarely sick but surrounded by people who are sick. This condition is caused by a person has a strong body resistance. Good conditions that you can have because you never stay up, Away from food and drinks that harm and consistent exercise.

Weight and ideal height

Having the ideal body weight with height is the hallmark of physical healthy characteristics that can be possessed of all ages, Old, Young, Men and women. Maintain a balance between weight and height can be pursued by setting a good diet, Diligent exercise and adequate sleep.

Have no internal disease

Have no internal disease, Harmful disease or any type of infectious disease is characteristic of physical healthy characteristics that become the main goal of man. In a healthy body there will be a strong soul, meaning that if our body in good health does not have any disease, then the body will be stable and able to do any activity easily risk adjustment and hierarchical condition category.

The spirit in the move

Someone who looks always active, spirit in doing activities without any complaints then the person has a high physical health. The spirit in the activity is characteristic of physical healthy characteristics that not all have it, It is very related to lifestyle and habits of a person in treating the health of his body, For example sports, eat eat a standard 4 healthy 5 perfect, Positive positive, Sleeping night is always on time, No Likes alcohol and cigarettes and others.

Normal appetite

When a person is not healthy then his body will experience decreased immunity, Looks lethargic, Pale and no appetite. But someone who has a normal appetite then can be said if a person is having a physical condition in a good state.

Easy to sleep at night

Easy to sleep at night is a hallmark of physical healthiness because it is a natural reaction from within the body that implies that the body is in its best condition. In a state that is not stable just because of being attacked by the flu or just get a simple headache but someone can have trouble sleeping.