All about E-Juice and its working

All of us have either heard of or know someone who uses electronic cigarettes.  Do you ever wonder what the fuss is all about? What is e-juice/e-liquid? As one of the main components of an e-cigarette, do you ever wonder what it contains? Is it safe? Does it offer the same side effects as a regular cigarette? What information would you, as a user, like to know about E juice before you switch?

Explaining E-Liquid

E-Liquid or E-Juice is a term used to describe the fluid or liquid content in an electronic cigarette. It is used with a cartridge in an e-cigarette to deliver the same effect as a regular cigarette, without the side effects. Many people use these to kick their nicotine habit.


Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin along with water are used as a base in which flavors related to food are dissolved along with nicotine. This turns into a smoke-like vapor when it is heated over the coils in the e-cigarette.

All of these liquids are commonly used in food as additives. These are also used in pharmaceutical products such as drugs and safe for human use as per the FDA list of substances.  Contents can vary by percentage but not the purpose – common aspects are water and flavors. Nicotine is also included and it helps users step down their addiction to cigarettes easily and slowly.


The range of available flavors is mind boggling – vanilla, strawberry, coffee, mango, cheesecake, lemon pound cake and so on. Some of the flavors also mimic well-known brands of cigarettes like Camel and Marlboro. The brand flavors may not be as accurate but still appreciated by users.

Nicotine Content:

Liquid refills for e-cigarettes can have no nicotine or varying concentrations to suit the needs of a specific user.  Check on a manufacturer’s website for concentrations and purchase accordingly. Notations will indicate the strength of the nicotine – the higher the strength, the stronger the hit.

It is a known fact that high doses of nicotine can be harmful and it is a consumer’s responsibility to stay within safety limits. Most manufacturers used pharma-grade nicotine in their E juice products.  Those who are new to the concept and use of e-cigarettes should start with a lower dose and then adjust up, based on preference and need.

Buying cartridges

Consumers have to do their research to find the best available e-cigarettes and cartridges. It is always a good idea to buy small samples and use them. Some people may have allergies to propylene glycol – in which case, vegetable glycerine based e-juice is a better option. Symptoms of the allergy could be a scratchy throat. In many cases, it is a personal preference of PG over VG.  Whether one loves clouds or flavors, there is an option for everyone. Many vapers have multiple e-cigarettes and cartridges. These connoisseurs like to get the most out of their investment as they want the best experience.  Buying a high-quality product will make the vaping experience memorable and safe to use as well.