Little Preparation For Imaging Scans

If you’ve been ordered for an imaging scan by your doctor, keep in mind that there is very little preparation needed. Sometimes, your doctor might order a contrast that is used during the scan in order to get a better look at the area of the body that is scanned. A CT scan is one of the most common types of advanced imaging in New Jersey as well as a PET scan. These are often performed in a diagnostic manner to determine if there are any blood vessels that are damaged or if there are any blockages in the body.

Let the technician know if you have any allergies or if you could be pregnant before the scan begins. Leave any valuables that you have at home, in a bag, or with the person who is with you at the imaging center. You should tell the technician about any medications that you’re taking or any medical symptoms that you’re experiencing that could interfere with the scan.

With most scans, there are no dietary restrictions like you would have with surgery. However, your doctor might request that you not drink water for a few hours before the scan depending on what area of the body is examined. It’s usually fine for medications to be taken the day of the scan. Try to get to the center about 15 minutes before your appointment to complete any paperwork and so that you can talk to the technician about any concerns that you might have. Sometimes, medications are needed for the scan. These are often injected through an IV line. Most scans take less than two hours to complete. You’ll be able to go home after the scan and get your results the next day or a few days later. Let the technician know if you experience any side effects from medications that are given.