How Bad Are the SideEffects for Opiates?

The side effects of opiate withdrawal vary and depend more on the amount and length of use than the actual drug. The best way to safely get off opiates is to find a quality opiate rehab in Florida that is experienced in treating opiate addiction.

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What are opiates?

Opiates are a drug derived from the poppy plant that is commonly mixed with partial synthetics for use in controlling pain. In pure forms, it’s a street drug like heroin. It’s a type of drug that makes you feel relaxed and sleepy while the high is in effect. The lack of available drugs can cause intense and sudden withdrawal symptoms.

How do I know I’m addicted to opiates?

The signs of a beginning stage opiate addiction are an increasingly uncomfortable feeling when not using the drug. As your use expands and increases, the signs will become stronger until an all-out bout of severe withdrawal occurs. You can no longer deny or be in doubt about an addiction to opiates once you begin to become severely ill without maintaining your current levels of opiates in the body.

Is opiate withdrawal dangerous?

Opiate withdrawal can be extremely dangerous if you are consuming high levels every day. It’s one drug that should never be attempted to withdrawal from without a good treatment center doing the detox. You will need around-the-clock care to remove the drugs from your system safely. A medical emergency can arise that requires immediate intervention. You will have any-time access to medical experts in a detox program.

Can I detox from the comfort of home?

It’s nearly impossible to effectively detox from opiates at your residence. The main problem with a home detox is the lack of immediate medical access should an emergency arise. If you are alone, there’s no one available to call 911 if you lose consciousness. It’s better to find an appropriate detox program. Another probe is that once the withdrawal process starts you might be tempted to go to any extreme to get the drugs and use to end the withdrawal symptoms. You will end up right back where you started instead of making any real recovery progress.

What does a safe detox program look like?

A safe opiate detox program is one that is done in a residential treatment setting and has medical staff available at all times of the day or night. The detox program should be prepared to handle any and all of the side effects of opiates. You want to be reassured that medications can be introduced that make the withdrawal symptoms more bearable.

How can the detox process be made easier?

Depending on the detox program you choose, medications exist that can help you wean gradually off of opiates, or help reduce the severity of symptoms. The longer you have been addicted and the more you use, the detox will provide an equivalent amount of symptoms. It takes anywhere from four to seven days to remove all of the opiates from your body after the last use.

Why is a residential program the best option for opiate addiction treatment?

Opiates are a hard drug to get off of and away from. So much of your time is spent in acquiring the drug that it often takes quite a bit of behavioral modification therapy. You will have to often change friends, jobs, and sometimes move to a different location to ensure that temptation to use is minimized.

Why You Should Enter an Opiate Drug Treatment Program Right Away

Many street drugs are increasingly cut with toxic substances like fentanyl. The purity of the drug is always in question. The odds of suffering an overdose are increasing each day. It’s better to try and locate the right drug treatment program now and get yourself off the streets that are more than happy to supply you with the drug. You can choose to go at a slower pace when recovering while residing in a safe area to cleanse the body of all signs of opiate use. You can then transition to the therapy part of treatment.

Seeking professional help to detox and get treatment for an opiate addiction is an essential part of the recovery process. No shortcuts exist to getting this done safely, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will have your life back to a normal state.