Fun Holiday Ideas at Home with Family

During a pandemic like now, almost all activities must be done at home, including holidays. To make your vacation at home more enjoyable, check out a variety of interesting and healthy activity ideas for you and your family.

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There are many things you can do to fill vacation time at home with family. Ranging from activities that hone creativity to activities that are also healthy.

Fun holiday activities at home

Here are some fun holiday activity ideas at home with family.

1. Make a calming jar

A calming jar is a jar filled with glitter and slow-moving beads. In addition to a fun manufacturing process, you can also help your baby become calmer.

The way to make it is to prepare a small clear jar or small drinking bottle, then add water to fill one third of the bottle. Add enough glitter glue and stir with water. Then, add a few drops of food coloring according to the child’s wishes and stir.

Then, put in the beads and glitter your little one likes. After that, add enough water and leave a little space in the bottle so that the mixture in it can move.

Calming jar is believed to make your child more focused on the movement of the bead and glitter in it, making your child feel more calm and comfortable.

2. Make soap bubbles

Other vacation activities at home that you can do is make soap bubbles. Children can learn deep breathing skills by using soap bubbles.

Deep breathing is the best way to deal with anxiety. Taking a deep breath while blowing soap bubbles can help your little one activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the body’s system that is in charge when someone is at rest or calm.

Therefore, this activity is expected to be able to make children happier and for a moment forget their desire to play outside or with their friends in this pandemic condition.

How to make soap bubbles can be done by preparing a large container, half a cup of dish soap, two teaspoons of sugar, one and a half bowls of water, and a bubble stick.

Pour half a cup of dishwashing soap into a container, then add two teaspoons of sugar and one half glass of water, then stir the mixture slowly. Inflatable bubbles are ready to use.

3. Playing puzzles

Another activity that is no less exciting is playing puzzles with family as a vacation activity at home. Besides being fun and challenging, puzzles can also help hone a child’s cognitive abilities and train children to learn to solve problems.

You can buy a puzzle or make it yourself with a selection of Little One. You can cut the picture into several parts, then randomly rearranged by children.

Besides being good for children, playing puzzle also provides benefits for you. Playing puzzles or picture puzzles is one of the best ways to strengthen your brain.

Research shows that engaging in puzzle play can be a protective factor of visuospatial cognitive aging and several other cognitive abilities.

The reason is, when playing a puzzle, you have to look at various pieces of the puzzle and you have to find out where the pieces fit in with the picture. This can be a great way to train and challenge your brain.

Those are some activities that can be ideas for you to spend vacation at home with family. With so much time at home, you can vary these various activities every day if possible

In difficult times like now, it is natural that you feel worried about the conditions around and home. Even so, try to maintain family happiness by spending fun time with them.

Do not let the current conditions make you worry so much that you stress. Remember, when strss, the body will release the hormone cortisol which actually harms your immune system.

So, which vacation activity at home is your choice?