3 Best Essential Oil Diffusers

In today’s hectic lifestyle, breathing in essential oils can change the way we feel in a good way. Not only that, there are wonderful health benefits such as our lungs being refreshed when the air is cleaned and dust mites and viruses are vanquished.

There are different types of diffusers, of which the 3 really good ones are noted for your benefit. Choices will depend on the size of the space you want to use your diffuser as well as what you intend to spend on it. The better ones will cost a bit more, but it is worth the while.

Here are 3 excellent ones:

  • Riverock
  • Pure Spa De Luxe
  • Bellasentials Cold Mist

The Deneve Riverock rocks

This diffuser’s tank is a 70 ml capacity with a running time of up to 5 hours. It will cover up to 250 sq ft and has its own auto-shut-off capability. Citrus oils are safe to use on the Riverock. It sells for between $39.99 and $89.99.

Pros:This diffuser is appealing to the eyes; it’s small, unobtrusive, modern and sleek and quiet. It has a large button that simply turns on. It will do its cycle through the three light modes and then turn off. For those who want complete darkness to fall asleep in, the Riverock does not emit any light when the LED light band is turned off. It has an automatic shut-off when its tank is empty which makes it safe whilst you sleep or when you are busy.

Cons: Even though Riverock is such a favourite, some don’t like it as it only has one mist setting. Because its tank is small, its short running time won’t last all day. If it isn’t situated on a hard, flat surface it can be difficult to press the large button down. The tank too, is a trifle shallow which makes it likely to spill when moving it.


The PureSpa Deluxe a pure delight

This diffuser’s tank is a 120 ml capacity with a running time of up to 10 hours. It will cover up to 250 sq ft and has its own auto-shutoff capability. Citrus oils are not recommended for the PureSpa Deluxe. It sells for between $40 and $100.This diffuser is sturdy and classy. It has colour-changing lights which are not obtrusive. Customers rate this diffusor as highly satisfying, making it a top ranker.

Pros: The PureSpa Deluxe’s tank is deep with an indicator line where the water level should not exceed. The LED lights are also vibrant and the ten hour running time makes you able to turn it on and leave it. When the LED is off, the PureSpa doesn’t emit any light. If you want to use your diffuser at your office environment, you won’t go wrong with the PureSpa as it is very attractive. It comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. Most other diffusers have a 1-year guarantee. People love its sturdiness.

Cons: The on/off switch responds to touch and not pressing which means it can turn on easily whilst still plugged in or when moving it. When turning on or off, it makes quite a loud beeping sound. However some people like it and others don’t. When in working mode, it produces a kind of humming sound which is not bad, but appears louder than other diffusers tested. Somepeople also don’t like the fact that the LED can’t be paused on a certain colour like other diffusers can.

The BellaSentials Cold Mister for all moods

 This diffuser’s tank is a 350 ml capacity with a running time of up 8 to 12 hours depending if the setting is high or low. It will cover up to 450 sq ft and has its own auto-shutoff capability. Citrus oils are safe to use on the BellaSentials Cold Mister. It sells for between $39 and $90.

This diffuser offers of the largest capacity tanks and also ranks one of the most attractive diffusers.

Pros: It is beautiful, elegant and appealing. It comes with a huge tank and a running tank that matches the size. A huge plus is that it is very quiet and has two speed settings to give you plenty of aroma or just a bit. The LED colour changing lights can be turned on or off or paused in the mid-cycle. It has separate controls for the atomizer and the lights. That means you don’t have to turn the diffuser off if you want to reset the LED cycle.

Cons: Because it is a larger diffuser, it requires a bit more space than the others. There is also no fill line so you need to measure your water. But this is not a huge problem. Its best feature is it is perfect for aromatherapy through the night, it is extremely quiet and no light emits from this luxury diffuser.

These are amongst others, some of the 3 best essential oil diffusers on offer – try them all out, do your research, but we can see you buying one!