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Foods You Can Eat While On An Acid Reflux Diet

You know what foods you have to avoid while on an acid reflux diet but, you may possibly not aware of the foods that you can still enjoy without worrying of the causing symptoms. Not only the fact that you can enjoy eating these foods, they can even help in stopping reflux attacks as they’re happening. As a matter of fact, you can integrate them as part of your day to day diet because they’re healthy for your body and won’t be causing excess acid.

A few of these food options are:

Number 1. Ginger – fresh ginger can be bought right at your local grocery and can be sliced, chopped or grated and add to meals that you are cooking or even to beverages that you are drinking. In addition to that, ginger has been used for long to reduce symptoms of nausea and to deal with stomach issues.

Number 2. Salad – this is basically a combination of different fresh fruits and veggies with different toppings in a bowl. Ideally, avoid to incorporate heavy ingredients like creamy or oily salad dressing as well as cheese.

Number 3. Fennel – this is a unique vegetable that has bulb and the top that looks like a carrot. The root area may be eaten and sliced in a salad. Fennel additionally has a unique taste similar to black licorice and is very useful with regards to calming stomach acids.

Number 4. Poultry – namely as chicken or game hen and turkey, these are very suitable for all those who are on acid reflux diet as the meat is low in fat and light. Don’t eat the skin as it’s high in fat.

Number 5. Aloe Vera – this may be harvested fresh on your house plant or may be bought in health food shops. As for the gelatinous interior of the leaves, it can be added to meals or drinks or used in a tea.

Just because you have to alter the way you eat while on acid reflux diet, it does not indicate that you have to sacrifice the taste. Most of the foods that don’t trigger reflux are sometimes tastier than the foods you’ve stopped eating.

Incorporating an acid reflux diet can really help you to steer clear of the painful symptoms of heartburn. It may require a little bit of changes in your lifestyle but, if your acid reflux causes problems in your life, then it may be worth attempting. By the time you start looking up, you will find that majority of the foods you could eat are also as tasty as the ones you have given up.

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