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An Overview of Trademark Registration Benefits.

A Trademark in the USA is basically any symbol or design whether graphics or artistic used by a person, a company or a business as a mark of off distinction between its brands and those of others. On the other hand, there are certain differences between trademarks and Copyrights c. However, all of them are used for security provision against infringement of business or company intellectual property. The difference between the two is that trademarks provide protection against business names, symbols, logos, and phrases while copyrights are used for original creative and artistic works protection.

With this, any company or business can keep track of its activities or its intellectual properties. This gives the company the right to sue anybody who gets involved with its products or services illegally or without their knowledge. Some of the intellectual properties include processes, designs, artwork and symbols that a company owns.

Others are logos, written documents, slogans and artistic works. Trademark Office United States or other offices such as patent and copyright offices are the only places where this registration can be done. On the other hand, the property to be registered will also be used to determine the registration office to be visited. After registering the property, you will enjoy certain benefits.

1. Ownership and distinction of the brand.

When you register a Trademark USA, one of the major benefits is this. This eliminates ownership disputes which at times becomes very costly more so if it has to be resolved in case files, court cases, and proceedings. During the registration, the property information is fed into the catalog where anybody who searches it can get access to it. With this, anybody who needs to use your brand has to seek approval first.

2. Proof of ownership.

When you register your trademark or copyright, this acts as a proof of legal ownership of the property. Therefore, in case there is a dispute between two parties, this can be used as an evidence or proof. Legal burden carried by the owner will be relieved after making the registration.

3. Validity.

The other benefit that comes with this registration is the time validity. It will give evidence of the period that you are given to exercise exclusive ownership of the brand. For instance, if the registration is made to go for a certain period may be five years, you are given the mandate to stop other businesses and companies from using the marks or symbols without even taking a legal action.

4. Claim for damages.

Damage claiming is another benefit that comes with registering trademarks. This means you get entitled to statutory damages if the product or brand is copied without your authorization, counterfeited or reproduced. In case there is infringement, you can take legal action by filing a suit.

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