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Security service is a widely applied term as its interpretation can fit in different fields and areas. Financial application of the term security service is where a certain argument can be made out of some money, assets or possessions. The term can also be used to indicate certain governmental agencies such as FBI and CIA. The term can also be used in telecommunication, IT and ICT applications.

However, the term in this context refers to services provided to clients in terms of guard provision and individual or property securing. These GSGprotective services involves premium services in regard to personal and asset securing. There are six ways of offering these services. The divisions in service provision enables a client to choose the best from the rest. The divisions are.

a. Protection for people and or assets.

When the service is about personal protection, it means a certain individual needs a security guard or a bodyguard who will provide protection against possible risks. The services are mostly offered to respected members of the society or those with special status. The services are mostly ideal for the head of states, foreign dignitaries, and corporate executives. Asset protection likewise is a service that is provided by uniformed guards but at times ununiformed guards offer the service. Uniformed security providers will be preferred most due to easier tracking.

b. Risk management and security consulting.

Management services are concerned with the provision of security details. Security management will always research, evaluate and recommend on the available or potential risks that can occur. When security management gets implemented in organizations, its main objective becomes an assessment of potential risks that can face the employees.

c. Monitoring and training.

Monitoring will be facilitated by the installation of video surveillance. An area will always be secure in case its environs can be viewed properly from a specific surveillance point. These services can also be achieved through employment of covert techniques. Training is also provided to both the clients and staff on threat and risk handling.

Tangibles, reliability, empathy, assurance, and responsiveness are some of the qualities that a good security provider should have according to GSGprotective. Tangibles are the materials that the service provider has for providing security. Such tangibles may include staff dressing, physical facilities, hardware as well as software.

When it comes to responsiveness, the service provider should be able to respond to emergencies as swiftly as possible. The service provider should facilitate quick service delivery to the client. Assurance means the service provider has to create confidence and trust to the client about the services to be offered. The staffs and the security personnel should be able to provide services in the best manner possible.

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