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Introducing Vacuum Metalizing and Its Advantages

Since the 19602, vacuum metalizing became an extended industry. The first intention of the process of vacuum metalizing was for the d?cor of cars and interior fittings such as dashboards, instrument panel,, head lights, arm supports and so on. The past process did not really include the application of top coat, which would in effect made the shiny plating effect scrubbed off easily and thus the fittings were at risk of getting some scratches.

Today, when the car industry has developed a lot, so does vacuum metalizing. With the aid of this process, fine metal finishes are created with the quality that can last for ages and with the beautiful look. Among the many benefits of vacuum metalizing are health benefits to workers, it is cost effective, it is durability and so on, and because of these, as the car industry is going into evolution, all the leading car manufacturers in the world are switching from electroplating to this process.

Considering this process would give your products that extra shine and polish. Note that the other process like chrome plating is not only expensive but is also found to use hazardous acid that is carcinogen.

It is actually very simple to conduct the metalizing process. First, the coating material is placed in a reservoir, then a special filtering unit is used so that the air is purified, and as coating process is taking place, will make sure that there are no particles that will arrive to the surface of the final product. Temperatures are controlled during the vacuum coating with the use of a pump, and during the entire process, what is being used also is an application chamber.

And so, the item is placed into an application chamber where your desired metallic finish will be put and coated into. The entry slot and the exit slot are what consist of the vacuum chamber. With the method of manual pumping, the liquid coating is placed into the application chamber where the liquid is changed into spray form with the aid of the vacuum.

It is the air vacuum that aids in spreading the coat uniformly on to the product. It is through the entry slot that the material and air are allowed in the application chamber and the exit slot would thrust the air outwards on to the product to be coated.

The various finished products that vacuum metalizing can be done are on glass, plastic, metal, ceramic or paper. Vacuum metalizing on your product is your only option is you are into saving the environment plus your money too.

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What Do You Know About Industrial