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How To Determine High Quality French Bulldog Breeders

If you are thinking of surprising your loved ones with a French Bulldog puppy, then read on to be sure you will be getting one from a reputable breeder.

The frenchie pup is much coveted because it is a low energy dog breed, and easy to take care of and share life with. Below are some tips to keep in mind to ensure that you are getting your pet from a high quality French Bulldog breeder.

Check the number of years a breeder has been breeding frenchies. Look for someone who has quite a number of years of experience in the field. Ascertain as well if the breeder is active in conformation shows and competitions, and breed clubs.
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Check if the baby French Bulldogs are registered. Normally, frenchies cannot be sold legally as purebred if they don’t have a certificate. The certificate will tell you the pup’s registered name, the breed and birth date, along with the names of its sire and dam. It is the accountability of the breeder to register the puppy and transmit the certificate to the buyer within six months after the date of purchase. This service does not carry an additional charge.
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Inspect the health clearances of the sire and dam. A breeder is duty-bound not to breed a dog that has not satisfied the required health clearances. If you are not familiar with the French Bulldog’s periodic examination, ask a veterinarian what to look for.

Scout where the frenchies are being housed. Does the home environment where the puppies are raised feature a lot of handling and human contact? You can lavish a lot of love and attention to your canine but it will never make up for a dearth of early socialization.

Know the breeder’s intention for this litter. With a specific goal in mind, an exceptional breeder sets his sights on a litter ahead of time and painstakingly researches the choice of sire and dam. Whether you are getting a frenchie as a show prospect or as a house pet, look for a breeder who has the same intention as yours.

Examine if the dam’s vaccines are up-to-date. Puppies obtain directly their initial immunity from their mothers. The puppies’ capacity to fight back disease will be compromised if the vaccines are not current.

Be familiar at what age the frenchie is prepared to go home. Usually, a period between seven and nine weeks is needed by the pups before they can transfer homes. This is the ideal time for a puppy to have a changeover from its litter to a new household. There might arise future problems with other dogs if weaned earlier. Conversely, more time with the littermates may mean it will not bond as well with human beings.