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Melatonin as a Beneficial Dietary Supplement People who have insomnia have been recommended the use of melatonin since it has been confirmed through studies that it can cure the problem. This is highly recommended for people who suffer from initial insomnia or sleep onset. The body produces the hormone melatonin which is distributed throughout the body. Melatonin is controlled by out body’s clock or the circadian rhythm. The release of melatonin is stimulated by darkness and is suppression by light. There is evidence to indicate that the production of melatonin in the body slows down as we grow older. This can explain why most younger people can easily fall asleep at night and there are a number of older people who find difficulty in doing so, and this is also the reason why taking melatonin is recommended to help older people in sleeping.
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Today we can find melatonin supplement in many food and drug stores for people to purchase. Natural melatonin which is taken from an animal’s pineal glands is also sold in the market but is not recommended because of the risk of virus transmission.
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If you are suffering from initial insomnia, it is recommended that you take melatonin thirty minutes before going to bed. Dosages vary depending on the person taking it but the common form of melatonin is the tablet form rannging from one to tree mg. IF you are taking melatonin for your insomnia problem, make sure you take only low dosages at first and if there is a need, gradually increase it Taking melatonin works differently for different people so it is best to experiment on your own the amount of dosage to take, starting from half a tablet first and if it will not work thirty minutes before bedtime, try it at other earlier times. Melatonin has been found to also be beneficial for people suffering from jet lag. It is easy to avoid jet lag insomnia when you arrive in another country in a different time zone, simply take a small dose of melatonin at the beginning of your flight, and take a higher dosage before your bedtime in your destination. Melatonin can be used to take you off from using sleeping pills. It is good to remove taking sleeping pills from your nightly routine but giving up can add to your sleeping problems. The only solution to this problem is to take melatonin instead. Melatonin is a natural sleeping pill and helps a lot of people overcome their problem of insomnia each day. Insomnia affects a lot of people and it is also something that can be addressed with simple natural rememdes. People who have suffered from insomnia have found a natural remedy to this problem and this is in the form of a dietary supplement which is melatonin. People with insomnia who are not sure about melatonin should consult their doctor for approval.