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The research aimed to get the indepth interview about the behavior of well being staff in finding of TBC sufferer in Puskesmas Senabing, District of Lahat, Lahat Regency 2009. Its need to know about the information, attitude, the ability of services and infrastructure of Laboratory and the position of helath worker and the society in finding of TBC sufferer.

There are primarily two forms of weight loss tablets resembling Prescription capsules and Non-prescription tablets. Prescription drugs resembling Phentermine, Xenical and Meridia assist in reducing weight. Non-prescription drugs like Metabolife and Herbalife supplement for the loss in weight. There are sure creams and gel, which penetrate into the pores and skin and dissolve body fats. Diuretics promote urination. It eliminates excess water beneath the skinIt additionally supplies electrolytes to take care of muscle fullness.

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Dalam istilah kedokteran, penyakit maag disebut gastritis atau peradangan lambung. Untuk gejala yang lebih ringan sering disebut dengan dyspepsia. Gejala dari penyakit ini adalah adanya keluhan rasa mual di ulu hati, kembung, dan rasa lain yang disebabkan oleh kelainan saluran pencernaan. Pemicu dari gejala tersebut karena adanya jumlah asam lambung yang berlebihan.