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USCanadaHealthTech is now GlobalHealthITblog. Because Health IT, similar to the healthcare industry, is global and now not bound to contiguous economies. This blog is now a part of , and as such is dedicated to driving and enabling the worldwide dialog about technology, healthcare and the way the 2 can mix to serve individuals and companies on all sides of all borders.

Now, patient records can be found wherever the patient goes, not wherever the affected person carries them. Prescriptions, drug allergic reactions, supplier notes-all can be found and correct. Patient misidentification is quick turning into a bad reminiscence as digital orders observe to correct affected person identification. Are there savings? Certainly of lives, time, and yes, cash. (I go away the question of whether or not healthcare must be about cash to Bill Maher’s blog) A full audit of the financial savings cannot be done yet, however it is looking awfully good.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress has gone in the other way, acceding to strain from the private well being-care sector and inserting immigration-control exemptions for health-care personnel into recent legislation. In 2005, Congress put aside 50,000 particular immigration visas for nurses keen to work in U.S. hospitals. The set-aside was used up by early 2006, and Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kans.) then sponsored laws eliminating all caps on the immigration of nurses. The legislation provides no compensation to the countries from which the nurses would come – international locations resembling China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, the Philippines, and the English-talking Caribbean nations.

This large quantity of data is fueling the necessity for higher methods to find and visualize patterns within the numbers. The Dartmouth Atlas of us have been pioneers in displaying us these patterns in distributions of health care, workers and variations in costs. Hans Rosling of Sweden has achieved some nice work showing how public health measures change over time—and he makes it enjoyable, too.Global Health

Pollution prevention is a significant world concern due to its dangerous effects on people’s well being and the environment. Because we are all inhabitants on Earth, everyone seems to be a stakeholder, and every particular person has something to contribute to advance effective air pollution prevention consciousness. Environmental protection is a pure extension of caring for ourselves, loving our children, and making certain a sustainable future for generations to come back.